‘Level Up’ Project

Join the ‘Level Up’ project for September 2015. KEYS has already established a partnership with other South London schools – be sure to sign up your school for educational success.


  • Raise literacy and numeracy (attainment at KS2-4)
  • Increase motivation and aspiration

What is ‘Level Up’?

Students enrolled on the ‘Level Up’ project will be taught English and Mathematics in small focused groups of no larger that 10 students.

Is that it?

No- each student is mentored by a professionally trained individual who never takes ‘no’ or ‘I can’t’ for answers. Students receive meta-cognition sessions each week to give them the skills to become effective independent learners. Unwavering expectations and high standards of all coaches and mentors result in changed attitudes and increased aspirations of students who learn with us. We go the extra mile.

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