half term poetry fun

At KEYS we value creativity and seek to develop this trait in all the young people we work with. Creative thinking is essential to our world. It is the artist Matisse who said “Creativity takes courage.” What does this mean? Well, when you create there are a number of potential fears you must face. Will my work be liked? Will I be ridiculed? What if I don’t get it right? The creative process involves a degree of vulnerability and openness.


In the October half term, KEYS tutor, Rae and I led a week long poetry workshop with 8-12 year olds supported by L&Q and Amicus Horizon housing. The theme was based on My London; involving a personal and collaborative exploration on what London meant to the young people. The results were astounding. The level of creativity blew us away. For the group’s actual writing we chose to use the classic poetic form, sonnet. By the end of the week the young people were making strong attempts at crafting their very own Petrarchan and Shakespearean sonnets (the results of which can be seen below).  The young people made both personal and artistic strides. From those who believed they could not write poetry to those seeking to develop their level of skill, all were successful.


It would be difficult to showcase every poem so I have decided to publish a few quotes from some of the poets. We hope you enjoy their musings on London.


“It is a place where everyone can unite

Tourists come to see the sights.”


“London is like a big trap made just for me”


“Through midnight streets I hear parties going on”


“Sirens blowing loudly in Brixton Yardies shouting at market sellers”


KEYS tutor Rae’s blog can be found if you click here!