Accountability. Yeuch! That dirty word. This feeling about accountability is shared by many. I myself once thought this way for many reasons which I won’t explain here for the sake of succinctness. As an introvert, I often shied away from holding people accountable. This attitude was further reinforced by my largely agreeable nature, which is… Continue reading Accountability

Is it Labelling Students or Having Useful Data?

So, you’re given a new class, or if a HoY an entire new year group. The teacher(s) who had them before you handover some data on the students’ behaviour over the past year. Inevitably, there are some students who have been challenging. Comments such as “disengaged”, “cause for concern” or “unmotivated” appear for certain pupils.… Continue reading Is it Labelling Students or Having Useful Data?

Educational Fragilities Laid Bare by the Pandemic

Education is broken. Society is broken. Both have been for some time. From kids without laptops to areas without sufficient wifi to families unable to adequately feed themselves in the absence of a free school meal, this is all the evidence required to prove society in its modern form is not working for everyone all… Continue reading Educational Fragilities Laid Bare by the Pandemic

Online Learning Changes

What should stay and what should go post pandemic? I write this piece in June. For many educators, school is already out. Classrooms are left an empty shell with walls that are bare, awaiting the following year’s new and shiny displays. For others, the year is starting to wind down as the pace from an… Continue reading Online Learning Changes