Eating the PIE (Planning Implementation and Evaluation of intervention strategies)

Leading assessment body GL Education states that “the success of young people’s educational experience is heavily determined by the attitudes they bring to their learning”. As educators, we know this to be a universal truth. Levels of confidence, motivation and perceived learning capabilities play a huge role in students’ success and their overall experience of… Continue reading Eating the PIE (Planning Implementation and Evaluation of intervention strategies)

Get That Job!

“We’ll done for making it this far, but unfortunately we went with the other candidate”.   “Thanks for taking the time to apply, however we have decided not to progress any further with your application.”   Even writing these words evokes the pang of disappointment from past rejection. Well, their loss anyway!   When applying… Continue reading Get That Job!

10 Intervention Strategies

Below are 10 pastoral intervention strategies which can be used to support struggling learners to get back on track and make progress in their education. Know who they are! This is fundamental. You can’t intervene if you don’t know who to support. Ask key pastoral figures such as Form Tutors, Heads of Year and Heads… Continue reading 10 Intervention Strategies

The Case of Raheem Bailey

Raheem Bailey

Picture this conversation. A mother attempts to console her son following a horrific injury caused by school bullies. The son, in between sharp pangs of pain whimpers, “Mummy, why does no-one like me? Like why? Why did they pick on me?” Holding back tears of despair, the mother’s reply to her son’s innocent question is… Continue reading The Case of Raheem Bailey

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