Diving Back In

Over the past few months, there has been a lack of online activity from me. No blogs or LinkedIn. And I’m way too old for TikTok. This hiatus owes itself to my recently made transition from being a senior leader in the Middle East to now being back in Europe – Romania to be exact.

Anyone who has made an international career move knows how all consuming this can be. Doing this alone is hard enough, but having a family of five in tow requires divine proportions of strength and patience! It’s been great being back in Europe. I’m gradually making the adjustment and I have found some resources particularly helpful. I’d like to share some with my readers. Not only this, I’d like to build a community of sharing. So, if you have any useful resources you’d like to share (which might be particularly useful for colleagues working within a European or British framework), feel free to add them here!

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