Photo courtesy of National Cancer Institute

For students to make good progress, other than good teaching, behaviour must be good. Without great behaviour, learning is interrupted, the natural flow of teaching is stuttered and focus is lost.

Two aspects of behaviour must be tackled. The microcosm,and the macrocosm. The macrocosm is largely the responsibility of leaders and the ethos they seek to create. The right workplace policies. Levels and quality of staffing. Having a visible presence around the school for safety and calm. In essence, school culture.

The microcosm is that of individual classrooms, where most of school business takes place. Teachers who manage well, their own little kingdoms, thrive. Their kids feel safe and much can be said about the value of safety. A safe child is more inclined to take risks, participate in activities and see themselves as an important part of the learning process.

A question we must all ask is this: what am I doing to successfully manage microcosms and macrocosms?