Do you sometimes feel like teaching is a thankless task? Ever get the sense that nobody cares  a hoot about the countless hours you put in?  I am sure most teachers have felt this way before at some point-I know I have and not just on one occasion!


Recently I received an email from a student whom I had previously taught. When I was leaving the school never really thought that she would be in contact again. I was proved wrong when an email pinged through just a few days into the summer break shortly after I had said my goodbyes. She was interested in the educational project, KEYS which I run for students on Saturdays. Not only this she expressed what an inspirational teacher I had been and one of her words to describe me was “excellent”. The whole email was flattering and also extremely encouraging as she rounded off with “You will not be forgotten.  Hope you don’t forget your no.1 and favourite student.” It is the words “You will not be forgotten.” which ring in my ears and spur me to continue with fervour and enthusiasm despite the challenges ahead. It is those words which remind me that this is not a completely thankless task. Many of those who often sit with glazed looks over their faces or with seeming disinterest are silently thanking you inside. They might lack the courage to say it or, dare I say, emotional intelligence, but they still value you.


So, when the chips are down and the odds are stacked against you-when the government gives you a bashing-when other fail to see the hard work you continually put in-just know that your worst critics, the students, probably love you and if you were to ever leave them would really miss you.