Consistency in leadership is important. It’s a bit like doing the dishes, and here’s how.

You know the state you desire – a clear sink. Simply by doing the dishes you can achieve this.

You can do the dishes once and do a good job, even a good deed, as it serves others. The trouble is, if you don’t do it the next day you have a full sink. Not doing it a further day is worse still. The problem just keeps growing before your eyes until the mounting pile of dishes is overwhelming. You yearn for the day when the sink was clear. You can see it clearly in your mind.

A leader’s influence and impact is very much like this. Only through daily action will we move towards clearing our sinks.

One of the beautiful things is that you don’t have to do the dishes by yourself. You can ask for help. You can build a team of dishwashers.

This is hugely empowering because you have the capacity to do something about it. You can change the situation through daily action. You can decide to do the dishes. Just be consistent.