Reflective Teachers

“A teacher who has reflective thinking skills is able to identify problems that may occur in the teaching/learning process and to produce solutions for overcoming such problems.” (Shoffner, 2006). During my PGCE year, I can recall having to maintain what seemed like endless sheets of reflection pages. After each lesson I would routinely jot down… Continue reading Reflective Teachers

Motivation During eLearning

When delivering eLearning, I always start each lesson with a Daily Dose of Motivation statement. This is my way of stoking the fire in my students’ bellies and giving them something both inspiring and encouraging to think about. One example of my Daily Dose of Motivation was the theme, ‘Staying Connected’. With all of us… Continue reading Motivation During eLearning

Three non cognitive skills essential for all teachers.

1. The ability to empathise2. The ability to notice small details3. The ability to be both reflective and reflexive Not for a moment am I suggesting that these traits are inherent and possessed naturally. These abilities can be cultivated with diligent effort and application. In fact, some of the best teachers I have encountered have… Continue reading Three non cognitive skills essential for all teachers.

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