So, this post has nothing to do with anything related to education. I say this as this blog has typically been for educators seeking to learn about aspects related to teaching. This is your opportunity to stop reading now if you’re looking for a post in line with school related matters.

It’s clear that this current pandemic and its subsequent lockdown presents manifold challenges, however, I wanted to switch the perspective and consider the potential opportunities. Here are a few.

  1. It’s an opportunity to stop and reflect on life. I’m not assuming that those reading this never take time for reflection but I can certainly say in my own life that it doesn’t always happen consistently. This is a time to stop and ask some questions of yourself. Consider your life’s trajectory and the impact of your recent decisions.
  2. Connect more deeply with your loved ones. Whether this be with people within your own household or, if you happen to live alone, setting up Zoom calls, Skype etc. now is a great time to nurture relationships.
  3. Do nothing. Yes, I said “do nothing”! It’s rare that we have this opportunity to switch off, so make the most of it if you can! Not every second has to be task oriented. Enjoy the smell of a fresh cup of coffee. Marvel at the way the steam swirls into the air gradually disappearing into nothing. Lose yourself. I’m aware not everyone can do this. For example those still providing frontline services, especially those in healthcare, will find this time particularly challenging. We salute them all!

So, what opportunities do you find present themselves at this time? Take a moment to consider this- you might just surprise yourself.