The Quantum Nature of Observations

Quantum particles and teachers share something in common- they both act rather strangely and become unpredictable when observed. One of the laws governing the quantum world says that particles change their nature according to where, when and by whom they are observed-spooky stuff. When considering the practice of observations I am sure teachers  can relate…

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The Poetry Project

half term poetry fun At KEYS we value creativity and seek to develop this trait in all the young people we work with. Creative thinking is essential to our world. It is the artist Matisse who said “Creativity takes courage.” What does this mean? Well, when you create there are a number of potential fears…

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In the end it’s all worth it!

Do you sometimes feel like teaching is a thankless task? Ever get the sense that nobody cares  a hoot about the countless hours you put in?  I am sure most teachers have felt this way before at some point-I know I have and not just on one occasion!   Recently I received an email from…

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