Behaviour Cultivation Pt 1

This blog series will be in three parts. If you are not yet a subscriber, you may wish to subscribe now so that you can get the two articles that will follow this one. Reading all three will ensure maximum benefit. This first article follows on from an earlier piece I wrote which you can… Continue reading Behaviour Cultivation Pt 1

Relationship Matters

This is a slightly longer form article than my usual posts, so make yourself comfortable with a cup of your favourite hot beverage. Having a friendly chat about sport without any regard for the physical proximity between you and the speaker; shaking the hand of a student as you greet them at the door; sitting… Continue reading Relationship Matters

Crises and Alternatives

In a crisis… …we can tear each other down, blame colleagues for not doing their job, accuse others for shirking responsibility or assign more tasks. This may seem like the only way. But unlike what British ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said in the 80s, there is an alternative*.  The alternative could look like this: forgiveness;… Continue reading Crises and Alternatives


Three things I’ve learned about leading during a global crisis: 1. Plans will change.2. Plans will change again.3. Plans will change some more.