Narrowing the Margins

Margins will always be with us. They exist in every facet of life. If we’re deciding on what car to buy, we’ll look at price margins to determine the best value for our budget. In sport, margins separate winners from losers, and to what extent the loser has been defeated. But education isn’t like sport,… Continue reading Narrowing the Margins

Pandemic and Pastoral

Some big questions have been floating around my mind as I try to imagine a school system which caters to the needs of its students during online learning caused by the pandemic. How do we build community when many are distant from the physical school? How can parents get involved and engaged when we cannot… Continue reading Pandemic and Pastoral

Returning to School

There are some kids who would not have picked up a book in half a year. There are some kids who would not have held a pen for six months. There are some kids who have had no art of drama for 180 days. Remember this, and more, as many of us return to school… Continue reading Returning to School

Not for Sale

You see, human bodies aren’t for sale. They never have been. They never will be. Even if you think they are, you are wrong. History will judge you. The people will judge you. Never is it okay to behave as if you own someone. If you are an employer, treat people in a way that… Continue reading Not for Sale

The Art of Practise

The lockdown struggle is real. In between sampling my kids’ baking experiments, bread with no yeast being one such interesting delight, I’ve been trying to teach them at home so that they don’t experience too many gaps as a result of 6 months without formal schooling. This post is inspired by a conversation I had… Continue reading The Art of Practise