Have you often found yourself repeating the same comments when marking a student’s work? Do you sometimes feel like your students ignore the detailed written feedback you leave in their books? I am sure most teachers can testify to that.


When marking I often found myself  writing the same comments over and over again and when it came to mark scrutinies  the criticism was “how have you shown your students have acted upon feedback?”. In fact, this was a whole school concern as highlighted in an OfSTED inspection. Not only this, I found that some of my best feedback was verbal feedback which was never captured and as the saying goes-as useful as the paper it’s printed on! From this, methought there was a prime opportunity for innovation and development. Thus the Verbal Feedback Form was borne.

I wanted to share this resource with others after @ItsNads88,  A level Politics and Sociology lecturer wanted a resource designed to maximise feedback whilst minimising teacher marking.


Verbal Feedback record form here for your use.


This is how it works:

  • Students have a copy stuck in their books
  • When they read a piece of work or you sit with them and look at their work, give plenty of verbal feedback (which shouldn’t be hard as teachers like to talk!)
  • They record your feedback under ‘teacher comment/guidance’ column
  • They use this feedback to generate a target under the column ‘student led target’
  • You verify when they meet the target-the rest is self explanatory


I hope this is useful. Let me know how you get on.