This week saw the resumption of full online learning for my children.

At the end of the weekend, the usual drill of the evening is to prepare for school: make the lunches, prepare books and ensure there’s a clean uniform to be worn. But over the last year and some odd months, the ritual of preparing for school has somewhat been turned on its head. This led to something quite remarkable happening in my house this weekend.

My eldest daughter took her school uniform and asked for it to be ironed. What was out of the ordinary in this usually routine action was that it wasn’t needed at all since the move to online learning has negated all need for any uniform. We often have the perception that students see uniform as restrictive, stifling even and would happily see it smoulder in conflagration. Well, so one might think. My daughter’s actions proved the contrary. Even though her school didn’t require students to wear their uniforms for online learning, this was important to her. It mattered.

Standing in the door frame beaming proudly she said, “I’m going to turn up in full school uniform!” and she did. Because there’s something hugely powerful in turning up.

Going beyond minimum expectations sends a very clear message. Both to ourselves and the world. To ourselves we are saying we expect the best and desire more. To the world we are saying we are showing up.

How will you show up tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that?